Vision & Mission


To be the global player in the pipeline construction & industrial projects, signing under the prestigious for tomorrow’s world of business, harmonizing, innovative and progressive technology with its experience, excellence and high-caliber work.


Streamlined hiring. GetLance’s sophisticated algorithms highlight projects you’re a great fit for. Top Rated and Rising Talent programs. Enjoy higher visibility with the added status of prestigious programs. Do substantial work with top clients. GetLance pricing encourages freelancers to use GetLance for repeat relationships with their clients.


Our values are the uncompromising foundations upon which we build our mission.

Integrity: the courage to maintain the right from the wrong without compromise.

Reliability: the ability to deliver on what we promise, without exception or excuses.

Accountability: the strength to be responsible for our own actions, inactions and decisions.

"Technology and our people are the biggest advantage we have over other companies..."

Corporate Brochure