Well head, Flow lines, Trunk lines & Remote Header construction for water, oil & gas wells of Maintain potential projects.

MBTC is awarded with 7 years multizone mega contract for Saudi Aramco's Onshore Maintain Potential Programs provided upstream facilities to withstand oil and gas production from newly developed and existing oil fields. Saudi Aramco's extensive operations in OMPP is expected to maintain production on the mature gulf fields over the next decade as hundreds of new wells will be required to be drilled to support other operations in nearby oil fields.

The contract includes the scope for Procurement, construction & pre-commissioning for all phases of Oil/ Gas & Water well projects;

  • Installation and Hydrostatic testing of well head and Tie-in piping, flowlines, trunklines, Remote Headers, manifolds, transfer lines, water injection lines with internal coating & HDPE linings, RTR & RTP pipelines.
  • Civil & Structural works comprising In-situ concrete works for wellhead Cellar, precast foundations , fencing , burn pit, Pipeline Trenching & ROW, berm works, Trenchless construction with HDD, platforms & access ladders.
  • Installation and pre-commissioning of Package units including but not limited to Mobile skids, Corrosion skids, OPTF skids, Annuli riser skids, Multi Phase Flow Meter (MPFM), HIPS, PDHMS, SSV Hydraulic panels, Control shelters, Solar Panels, Filtration skids, Pig Launcher & Receiver.
  • Installation and pre-commissioning of Deep-anode Beds & Vertical Anode bed Cathodic Protection system & Over Head Power Line(OHPL) supply for well site electrification comprising; Steel pole erection , pole framing, power panel , Breaker & transformer installation & testing.
  • Installation and testing of Well site Electrification and Instrumentation compromising power cable laying, Sacrificial Anode system, installation & termination of rectifier , MOV, Impulse tubing.
  • Installation & Testing of Telecommunication comprising installation and/or upgrade of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), fiber optic cable, optical transmission equipment, Ethernet switches, I-Field systems.
  • Tie-in installation to existing pipeline by Hot Tapping, Cold cut & Revalidation testing of existing pipelines.
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