Long Form Contract of Pipeline Rehabilitation Repair & Reconditioning for East West Pipeline’s.

Year of Completion: 2011
Project Details:Enclosed
Contract No: 6600017230

Brief Scope of Work:

Long Form Contract of Pipeline Rehabilitation and repair, right of way maintenance, Pipeline replacement and providing Certified Equipment and Manpower to East-West Pipeline Department (EWPD) of the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, along all East West Pipeline areas such as Area 1, Area 2, Area 3 and Area 4 on a single point responsibility basis for Saudi Aramco.

Pipeline Repair (Work Description):

The work includes, but is not limited to Excavation of pipelines, Shoring, Unwrapping and Cleaning of pipelines for inspection, Cutting and Installation of pipelines and pipe supports, beveling, welding, sand/ grit/ garnet blasting, priming, coating/ wrapping, installation of fittings, concrete and asphalt, dewatering, sand removal, backfilling, berming and stabilizing areas to their normal condition, all in accordance with Saudi Aramco construction, Engineering Standards and Procures.

Pipeline Repair (Work locations):

  • East-West crude and Natural gas liquid (NGL) pipelines and its installations from KP 1195 (Abqaiq) to KP (-7.561) in Yanbu area.
  • EPSA crude pipeline in area-IV from KP 176.83 IPSA (Iraqi Boarder) to KP (957.4 East-West pipelines) KP 615.3 IPSA and from pump station 3 (KP 957.4 East West pipelines) KP 615.3 IPSA to Yanbu Area.
  • Yanbu local pipeline including about 150 kilometer of local pipelines between plants in the Yanbu industrial area. (From KP 135 to KP (-7.561) East-West pipelines
  • Khurais Pump Station 2 & 3 and its pipelines KR-1 & KR-2 (12” & 26” dia.) from KP 3.5 up to Riyadh refinery KP 140. Al-Hawtah Stabilizer and its pipeline (24” dia.) from Al-Hawtah field KP 00, to KP 340
  • Khurais- Khurais pipelines KK-1 & KK-2 (10/14” & 20/24” dia.)
  • Dhahran-Riyadh pipeline (12” dia.), Qasim pipeline and Qasim Refinery.

Right of Way Repair (Work Description):

The work shall include but is not be limited to construction and rebuilding of new or existing Right-of-Way and access roads, installation of erosion control, fencing, sand removal, excavation, backfilling, performing concrete and asphalt work, removal of hanging and falling rocks, etc. The width of the Right-Of-Way shall vary from 7 meters to 9 meters wide and 0.30 meters thick along East-west/ East west gas line (EWG), Hawtah, Riyadh refinery, Qasim refinery pipelines

Right of Way Repair (Work Description):

The Work set forth in agreed release Po shall include, but not be limited to the following Right-Of-Ways:

  • E/W ROW from KP 1195 (Abqaiq) to KP (-7.561) Yanbu (Approximately 1202.6 km).
  • EWG pipeline in area –IV from KP 176.83 (Iraqi boarder) to KP (957.4 East-West Pipelines) KP 615.3 EWG and from pump station 3 (KP 957.4 East West pipelines) KP 615.3 EWG to Yanbu area.
  • Hawtah ROW from PS # 3 KP 340 to Hawtah KP 00 (Approximately 340 km).
  • Khurais ROW from Khurais KP 3.5 to Riyadh refinery KP 140 (Approximately 136.5 km).
  • Electrical Building # 10: Power supply shall be provided from transformer TR- EB10, which shall be connected to the existin
  • From Qasim Refinery to Qasim Power Plant (Approximately 50 km).

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