EPC Contract for Sales Gas Delivery System for PP12 Power Plant at Dhurma- Riyadh.

Year of Completion: 2016
Project Details:Enclosed
Contract No: 4400005273

Brief Scope of Work:

Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Installation, Testing, Pre-commissioning, Scraping, Performance Testing and Commissioning of Civil/ Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Communication, Instrumentation & Control system & Perform all associated works and services necessary to complete the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Sales Gas Delivery System including Sales Gas Metering Station and Filtration System,communication for power Plant PP-12 on a single point responsibility basis for Saudi electricity Company PP-12 Sales Gas Fuel Delivery System at Dhurma - Riyadh

1. Facilities Description

A Detail Design & IFC Package shall be prepared for this project to complete the EPC of sales gas delivery system including Sales gas metering station and filtration system for Saudi electricity company PP 12 sales gas fuel delivery system. The following items are the major scope of construction work:

Installation of 40” diameter above ground pipeline header approximately 125 m long from SAUDI ARAMCO’s 56” EWG-1 main header by hot-tapping. Installation of 36”/28” scraper launcher with double scraper isolation valves at the existing common launcher area. A lateral line shall tie-in to the 40” diameter above ground pipeline header with 28” isolation valves. Installation of 5 Ft ID X 15 Ft T/T launcher drain drum (V73-D-0115C) Installation of 28” diameter, approximately 4.2 km long, API 5L GR X60, class # 600 externally FBE coated buried pipeline from the common scraper launcher area to the scraper receiver at SEC Power Plant No. 12(PP-12). of a 24” lateral line at the common scraper launcher area, from the 40” diameter above ground pipeline header to the existing PP-11 scraper launcher

  • Installation of 24” valve for future connection of PP-13
  • Disconnection of 2 - 24” temporary lines between the PP-11 pipeline header and Saudi Aramco 48” & 56” gas header and closure of the Tie-ins with blind flanges
  • Installation of a 36”/28” scraper receiver with double scraper isolation valves at SEC Power Plant No. 12 (PP-12) with all facilities.
  • Installation of 5 Ft ID X 15 Ft T/T receiver drain drum (V73-D-0115D).
  • A new burn pit to serve the common launcher area will be constructed.
  • A burn pit to serve the new receiver at PP-12 will be constructed.
  • Provision of vent lines of scraper receiver and filtration unit to new Burn Pit.
  • Provision of vent lines of scraper launcher to new common Burn Pit.
  • Provision of On line (Gas Chromatograph) Analyzer monitoring system.
  • Provision of control and Instrumentation, communication facilities between SAUDI ARAMCO East/west Pipeline Pump Station #5 and PP-12, utilizing PP- 11 communication system.
  • Provision of common CDS for PP-11, PP-12 & PP-13 in common launcher area.
  • Provision of CDS in receiver area.
  • Cathodic protection and corrosion monitoring system of PP-12 pipeline and provision of other facilities. Associated with this work.
  • Installation of fiber optic cable having 24 strands or more from PP-12 metering shelter to PP-11 Metering Shelter.
  • Provision of fencing at common scraper launching facility, PP-12 scraper receiving facility and PP-12 metering station. Fencing shall be SSD-1 fence.
  • Provision of area lighting at scraper launching facility, scraper receiving facility, filtration skid and PP-12 metering station.
  • Provision of Analyzer Shelter at the PP-12 Metering Station.
  • Provision of mark roads around and inside the scraper launching facility fence for ease of access to the equipment.
  • Provision of new Metering Shelter in PP-12 metering area to house the metering control system.
  • Provision of Flow Computer Panel, PLC Panel, Supervisory Computer and Alarm Printer inside the metering shelter. Supervisory computer shall be accessed and controlled by OSPAS and shall be monitored by proponent and EWOCC (Crude Dispatch Center) at EWPS3 via existing SAUDI ARAMCO Network..
  • Provision of gas filters before metering station to eliminate black powder.
  • Provision of Emergency Isolation Valve (EIV) before metering station and as per location class (SAES-B-064).
  • Provision of PPA (Pressure Point Analysis) based leak detection system (LDS). New field instruments and field processors shall be integrated with PP-11 LDS server placed in the PP-11 Metering Shelter and shall be reconfigured for PP- 11, PP-12, and for the future PP-13.

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