Safety Policy

Company policy is that any of its procedures, practices or method of work, will not cause any hazards to his employees.We work maintaining highest safety standards throughout our organization and service areas. We work to construct a culture of keeping highest safety standards in all our work locations.

Keeping firm on the policy, all members of management and supervision of whatever grade, are reminded that safety takes equal responsibility with cost and construction, and that they have a moral and legal responsibility for the safety and health of all employees under their control as of client’s construction regulations and Saudi Arabian Law.

The safety engineer shall have the full authority to stop work and impose immediate corrections on unsafe working conditions and unsafe practices within the site for which he is responsible.

Site Safety Arrangements:

  • Storage area will be fenced and the entrance will be controlled.
  • Temporary warehouse will erected for storage of electrical item, mechanical and civil items, etc.
  • All contractor employees will be identified with client’s identification.
  • Lay down yard for vehicle maintenance shall be maintained and will be properly fenced.

Individual Responsibilities:

  • Initiate the company’s loss prevention program and ensure that adequate financial provision is made for the running of the program and that the safety engineer has adequate facilities and support.
  • A qualified safety engineer to administer the company’s loss prevention program.
  • In bidding and all the stages, adequate financial provision is to be made for the welfare facilities and for equipment to avoid the risk of injury to personnel and damage and wastage of equipment and materials.
  • All levels of staff are aware of his personal commitment on safety and that they are aware of the guideline listed in company’s loss prevention program, and the requirements of client and Saudi Arabian Law.
  • Shall maintain a vigorous loss prevention program by fulfilling all loss prevention requirements of client construction safety manual.

First Aid:

  • In accordance with client’s construction regulations and Saudi Arabian Law every contractor will provide first aid facilities for his employees.
  • Adequate bandaging and treatment facilities etc. must be available.

Environmental Policy Statement


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