LSPB Contract for Rehabilitation of Al-Mu'ajjiz Terminal Project at Yanbu

Project Details:Enclosed
Contract No: 6600034241

Brief Scope of Work:

Procurement, Supply, Installation, Testing, Pre-commissioning, Scraping, Performance Testing and Commissioning of Civil/ Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Communication, Instrumentation & Control system & Perform all associated works and services necessary to complete a single point responsibility basis for Saudi Aramco Al-Mu'ajjiz Terminal Project at Yanbu

Project Summary

The objective of this scope of work (SOW) is to perform supply of materials, fabrication, erection, repair, modification, inspection, testing and Pre-commissioning, as well as providing commissioning and start-up assistance activities related but not limited to the following areas.

  • Construction of Yanbu Gas processing facility (YNGL) area includes new injection pumps and scraper launcher facility.
  • Installation of C5+ new product line from YNGL to KP-19 around 26 KMS of 8” Pipeline.
  • Construction of KP-19 area includes jump over between 48” AY-1, 56”AY-1L pipelines and the 42” EWMZ-1 pipeline with scraper launcher for 42” EMWZ-1 pipeline and scraper receiver for 8” C5+ product line from YNGL. KP-19 area also includes HC collection drum, Operation shelter building and Diesel generator for power.
  • Supply & Installation of FOC around 46 KMS from AMT control to YNGL
  • Design, material & Installation of CP system
  • Demothball works for the 42” existing pipeline from KP 19 to AMT facilities around 16 KMS
  • Repair works at 5 different locations of the existing 42” pipeline from KP 19 to AMT facilities
  • Supply & Installation of RTR pipeline from existing evaporation pond outside of AMT fence to Tie in of water treatment plant in Marafiq of total length of 60 KMS.

The scope of works includes but not limited to Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Cathodic Protection, Communication, Electrical, Instrumentation and control works related to above defined areas.

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