Human Resources

Human Resource is an Integral part of any organization wherein Employees are its vital Asset. In order to achieve better Employee Engagement and Productivity, an atmosphere of empowerment has to be created within the Organization.

M.Al-Barghash Company (Simplified Joint Stock) is constantly emphasizing on Learning & Development as an important element of the HR Strategy. The Company is committed in enhancing knowledge & skills of its employees with a thrust on developing individual competencies. The HR training programs are a combination of short and long term education ranging from technical, behavioral and functional programs.

The Company has also facilitated Employees by an easy access to Employee Handbook which is part of HR Policy through its web portal. This handbook is revised periodically so as to align with the business needs and the market scenario in the construction Industry.

The underlying principle of the Human Resource department in M.Al-Barghash Co. (Simplified Joint Stock) is Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

"Technology and our people are the biggest advantage we have over other companies..."

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