PC Contract for Sales Gas Delivery System for PP13 Power Plant at Dhurma- Riyadh

Project Details:Enclosed
Contract No: 4400007444

Brief Scope of Work:

Procurement, Supply, Installation, Testing, Pre-commissioning, Scraping, Performance Testing and Commissioning of Civil/ Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Communication, Instrumentation & Control system & Perform all associated works and services necessary to complete the Procurement and Construction of Sales Gas Delivery System including Sales Gas Metering Station and Filtration System, communication for power Plant PP-13 on a single point responsibility basis for Saudi electricity Company PP-13 Sales Gas Fuel Delivery System at Dhurma - Riyadh.

Purpose of Facilities

The purpose of this project is to support the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) for Sales gas requirement. SEC intends to build a Combined Cycle Power Plant No. 13 (PP13) to be located beside SEC Power Plant No. 11 (PP11). This PP13 power plant shall be supplied by a new 30-inch x 1.44-Km (Approx.) long sales gas pipeline. At the start point, the pipeline will be connected with a new 36-inch x 30-inch Scraper Launcher to be located at the existing facility wherein existing Scraper Launcher for PP11 and Scraper Launcher for PP12 are installed. The scraper traps will be fed by a new 40-inch Sales gas header. The 40-inch main Sales gas header is connected to PROPONENT’s 56-inch EWG-1 pipeline under project scope of PP12. A 24-inch Isolation valve is provided at the proposed 40-inch sales gas header as a provision under project scope of PP12 for Tie-in for the new scraper launcher to be installed for PP13 sales Gas Pipeline. At the other end; new 30-inch sales gas pipeline will be connected with the new scraper Receiver to be located within the new Metering Station proposed to be built to supply sales gas to PP13. The Metering Station will comprise of Scraper Receiver, Gas Filtration Skid, Metering Skid, Metering Building (Control Room & Battery Room) and a Burn Pit. The Burn Pit will be located at a safe distance from the Metering Station. The 30” x 400m (approx.) sales gas delivery line will be installed to connect metering station and the proposed tie-in point within PP-13 Power Plant.

Project scope of work

The objective of this project is to construct the PP-13 sales gas pipeline delivery system from tie-in point at existing scraper launcher area, up to the Tie-in point within PP-13 Power Plan including metering station.

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