HSE Policy

M.Al-Barghash Company (Simplified Joint Stock) considers the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) as a crucial factor and recognize them as very essential for welfare and morale of personnel as also well-being of the surrounding environment in all aspects.

M.Al-Barghash Company (Simplified Joint Stock) understands that high standards of HSE shall only be achieved by the dedicated and demonstrated efforts of all personnel from top management down. Planning and accountability for HSE of people precedes all other company objectives.

M.Al-Barghash Company (Simplified Joint Stock) recognizes the importance of HSE and assures compliance with Law of country and local laws for creating safe working conditions at Project sites.

This emphasize to HSE in M.Al-Barghash Company (Simplified Joint Stock) has yielded with zero accidents through the course of several projects completed with more than 1,000,000 man-hours.

HSE Plan

Health, Safety and Environment Plan include medical, first aid and health insurance for our workers force. As safety, we have trained safety personnel at site watching all kinds of safety measures for scaffolding, safety for individuals, electrical and fire hazards, making awareness program to our workers, sticking safety banners/posters, providing safety color codes for all tools, and providing all necessary PPE’s to all workers. Maintaining housekeeping and cleanliness, providing shelters, drinking water, urinals and safe smoking shed.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At M.AL-Barghash Company (Simplified Joint Stock) we recognize and accept our corporate social responsibility.

Our positive action includes:

  • Applying sustainable development principles to continue economic development while protecting the environment and providing a better quality of life.
  • Integrating economic, environmental and social aspects into all business decisions.
  • Achieving sound environmental performance by minimizing the impacts of our activities.
  • Seeking better ways to manage natural resources, use less energy and reduce emissions.
  • Complying with applicable national and international environmental legislation and subscribing to best management, technology and environmental procedures and standards.

HSC Policy Statement


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